Know, engage and
retain customers
Digital experiences that keep customers coming back, driving growth in retail customer lifetime value
Self service payment
Bust queues, increase delight
Let customers pay and get rewarded, lightning quick

Apps that integrate payment and gamified rewards

Fuel self-service

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Secure, fast and fun

We deliver highly engaging digital transactional experiences for your customers, blending together payment, digital wallets, and reward gamification.

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Pay in an instant
Get the goods
Unlock rewards
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Card-linked digital receipting
Eliminate paper, reach customers
Deliver receipts digitally when customers use their bank card

Digital receipts integrated with your payment terminals

Fuel self-service

Receipts, marketing and beyond

After a seamless one-time signup with a mobile number at the payment terminal, digital receipts are automatically delivered every time your customer transacts.

Link a bank card
Get an SMS url
Sign up on the web
Stay in the loop
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